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welcome about the site about me media reviews blog kinda thing fun stuff other cool sites
under construction!

yo! welcome to my site its still very under construction But its a little less so this time :).

check out some of the other stuff on this site, theres links at the top or you can just click them here a blog (maybe?) some reviews of media i like (or don't like) some generally fun stuff or some other cool sites acrosst he interwebs check this out last though pretty please :)

you can also find me on some other places mostly twitter :( and mastodon (assuming i get back to using it) :)

about the site

heres some info about the site youre currently on dededecent.xyz

  • The "real" version of this site was set up on roughly december 9th 2023

  • Currently I'm the server im running this off is running debain and is serving the lovingly (although shoddily crafted) html you are currently reading :)
  • I also have a gemini capsule its currently still very work in progress and doesn't have the same stuff I have on my html right now but hey its a neat platform, go check it out!

well theres my little bullet pointed list with some meaningless info about my site ill update it alongside my shenanigans across this site, or just remove it if it doesn't end up fitting especially since most of the actually unique and important stuff will be in the about me

about me :)

Yo its me :) dededecent a person from the internet. I'm setting this site up as just a lil' hobby not for any resume stuff or work at least for now. I plan on hosting some media reviews, blog/miniblog kinda stuff, links to other sites i find cool, any software or games I make, and just my general pointless ramblings. Overall not too important, but hey thats whats fun about websites you get a little peek into my brain when I'm making this which you don't really get to see on social media or whatever, what sensibilities i make this site with, how poorly i decide to format my content, what silly gifs i decide to scatter around, how many parenthesis i get to use (a lot as you can probably see) and whatever else I make get to be decided by me which you can't really say for modern social media.

You might be asking yourself (you aren't I garuntee it) why make a site its annoying and a lot of work? well not really if you use a free or relatively cheap hosting service that sets stuff up for you; but also I didn't do that because I somewhat enjoy setting annoying stuff up or at least thinking about it. It turns out managing linux configs and optimizing servers and desktop environments are a lot more fun to think about than to actually set up and optimize. Aside from that stuff though I've kinda always been into "websites" not like websites but "website websites" the concept of smaller and more personalized websites (I've had this domain for like a few years at least at this point I even set up little gemini capsule and site with no real content on them here now's just the time I got to actually using it for realzies) that are set up by like some person with weird hobbies is usually just going to be more interesting to me than any modern website with the faux minimalist design and uninteresting website layout with a million little ad goblins sneaking your data and causing the experience of the site to be substanitally worse in the process. Recently though I ended up playing through hypnospace-outlaw (Impecible game by the way aboslutely play it if you havent already) which reminded me about how sick websites are so I made one :)

fingers crossed the other stuff I make here doesn't end up nearly as rambly and off the cuff as this does, although when it enevitably does dont be suprised alrighty :)